Frozen Fruits & Vegetables

Containing high amounts of water causes fresh fruits and vegetables to spoil rapidly. Water is removed by freezing method. Development of microorganisms stop under -10°C, while the enzymatic activity ceases only under -18°C. Therefore, foods are stored as frozen under -18°C.

Frozen products are prepared with seasonally grown vegetables or fruits. Therefore, they do not contain any additive. The deep freezing process itself does not contain any additive either.As the products are collected in their seasons and frozen in their freshest forms, they preserve their freshness and nutritional values till the moment of consumption.

Raw materials are accepted to the factory after passing the quality control processes at Premium Food and stored in raw material warehouses at 0°C. Based on their types, they are processed and frozen before they lose their freshness within 8-12 hours. In the frozen foods that are frozen in an average of -40°C temperature and stored at -18°C, growth of microorganisms that cause rotting, and spoiling of products as a result, or the loss of their nutritional values are not possible.

Frozen products offered by Premium Food are healthy practical products providing their consumers with energy and water savings, all fresher than their fresh ones, have high vitamin value, and are produced in their seasons with no hormones or pesticide residues.






Garnish (Corn, Pea, Carrot)








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