Olive oil

Being produced for thousands of years, olive oil is a greenish-yellowish liquid oil obtained from the fruit of olive trees (Olea Europaea). Known to be both tasty and beneficial to health in many ways, olive oil is particularly in Mediterranean countries.

Olive oil is an oil that can be consumed in its natural liquid form at room temperature without going through any chemical process.

In order to obtain a healthy and quality olive oil, it is necessary to harvest olives at the right time and by suitable procedures, and to process them correctly at an olive squeezing facility without waiting. If olives are not processed in the shortest time possible after the harvest, the healthy nutrients and components are lost. This causes a decrease in the quality of the olive oil. The olive oil obtained must be kept away from daylight, inside steel boilers and under climate-controlled settings.

Maximum attention is paid to these criteria in olive oils offered by Premium Food.

Olive Oil
750 ml
Glass Bottle


Olive Oil
5 LT
Tin Can



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