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We have a team specialized in the European and mainly German food and service sectors, who knows the customer demands, follows new trends and even sets these trends. By this means, we provide a reliable and objective service to the investors wishing to create a new restaurant brand or to develop a current brand in the German and European markets.


It analyses operational efficiency, competitive power and sectoral position of a potential food business, and existence of external threats in the market, and the opportunities it faces in detail by using various scientific tools, and makes return for investment estimations. All the food and beverage businesses present in the area specified in the project must be taken into consideration in the competition analysis carried out during the feasibility study. The followings must be analyzed:

• Analysis of the active markets of the business
• Examination of competitors
• Performing a regional feasibility (Socio-economic assessment)
• Place of establishment
• Restaurant types
• Business volume and sources
• Days and hours of operation
• Menu prices and Calculation Averages
• Service type
• Number of layouts
• Whether alcohol will be served or not
• Entertainment Opportunities
• Promotional studies and whether it is linked to any chain.


Concept Consultancy

• Creation and implementation of an architectural concept
• Creation of a menu
• Determination of location or locations
• Creation and purchasing of an equipment park
• Selection of the most suitable automation system for the business, and preparation of the infrastructure required for its installation
• Determination of the personnel standards based on the concept
• Creation of a personnel training plan
• Creation of the purchasing procedures
• Creation of all visual materials/design of the website


Menu and Recipe Development

• Menu research and development
• Recipe preparation (Preparatory Recipes and Plate Presentation)
• Nutrition analysis and calculation of menu calories
• Supplier selection
• Raw material suggestions
• Menu engineering/optimization
• Menu design
• Menu costs/pricing
• Product mix projections
• Plate and glass selection
• “Take-away” packaging suggestions
• Suggestions on garnish and other presentation products


Revision Consultancy

• Concept assessment
• Profit and loss analysis
• Management assessment
• Corporate restructuring
• Temporary management support staff
• Redemption and payment balancing strategies
• Marketing development and new initiatives
• Food and beverage structuring program


Restaurant Inspection

The researches conducted show that 90% of consumers prefer sharing their dissatisfaction with their close circles rather than the company itself, and not going to that place anymore. When compared to the cost of the marketing studies, finding a new customer is 5 times more expensive than keeping the current one. Carrying out regular inspections is a must for keeping the standards at the highest level in all branches. Unless strict inspections are made, the risk of damage as a result of the mistakes of a franchise for a successful brand or a name whose quality is proven reaches high levels.

• Inspection of the businesses (product, service, cleanliness, hospitality)
• Creation of necessary inspection forms
• Providing trainings for inspection experts
• Carrying out the mystery shopper practice



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